Silay City List of Heritage Houses

List of Heritage Houses in Silay City

Silay City is known as the Paris of Negros and also the Seat of Arts, Culture and Ecotourism in the province of Negros Occidental. Also Silay is considered as a Museum City because of of its numerous heritage houses. Below is the list of heritage houses in Silay City which you can visit during your heritage tour. Most of the houses is still inhabited while others were turned into museum, cafe, bed and breakfast, pension house and etc; For questions and inquiries you can drop your comment below or you may send us a message via contact form on the lower right side of the blog.

Level 1 – Declared

1. Carlos Arceo Ledesma Heritage House
2. Leandro de la Rama Locsin Ancestral House
3. Delfin Ledesma Ledesma Heritage House
4. Juana Coloso Ledesma House
5. Amelia Hilafo Flores House ( owned by Jison-Alano )
6. Arsenia Lopez Jison Ancestral House
7. Antonio Novels Sian House
8. Manuel de la Rama Locsin Ancestral House
9. Josefita Tionko Lacson Ancestral House

Level 2 with Marker

Hofileña Museum
Manuel Severino Hofileña Heritage House ( Hofileña Museum)

1. Victor Fernandez Gaston Heritage House ( Balay Negrense )
2. Alejandro Amechazura Heritage House
3. Jose Corteza Locsin Heritage House
4. Manuel Severino Hofileña Heritage House
5. Bernardino and Ysabel Lopez-Jalandoni Ancestral House ( a lifestyle Museum, commonly called The Pink House )
6. Jose “Pitong” Ledesma Heritage House
7. Kapitan Marciano Montelibano Heritage House
8. Vicente Conlu Montelibano Heritage Hpuse
9. Maria Ledesma Golez Heritage House ( now RCBC Silay branch )
10. Cesar Lacson Locsin Ancestral House ( El Ideal Bakery )
11. Jose Benedicto Gambia Heritage House
12. Angel Araneta Ledesma Heritage House ( Culture and Arts Office of Silay – commonly called The Green House )
13. Teodoro Morada Heritage House
14. Digna Locsin Consing Heritage House
15. Soledad and Maria Montelibano Lacs on Heritage House
16. German Locsin Unson Ancestral House
17. Lino Lope Severino Ancestral House ( Severino Building )
18. Benita Jara Ancestral House ( ancestor of Nicolas Armin Jalandoni – last owner ) now Silay Sangguniang Panglungsod Building
19. Generoso Reyes Gambia Heritage House ( Twin House )
Declared Level 1 – Demolished by owners
1. Agusto Hiladp Severino House ( bought by Iglesia Ni Cristi )
2. Claudio Hilado Akol Heritage House ( bought by the Locsin Genealogy Foundation ) balcony has been retained
3. Modesto Ramirez Hojila ( Carlos Javelosa Jalandoni Ancestral House )

Not declared

Ancestral House in Silay City
Felix Tad y Lacson Ancestral House before demolition
CTTO: National Registry of Historical Sites

1. Felix Tad-y Lacson Ancestral House ( demolished 2014 )
2. Antonia de la Rama Ancestral House
3. Aguinaldo Gambia House ( house where Gen. Douglas McArthur Stayed )
4. St. Therisita’s Academy

Gabaldon Schools

1. Silay North Elementary School
2. Silay South Elementary School

Silay City Tourism Office
Silay Heritage List

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