Sugar Beach Sipalay

Beaches You Should Visit in Sipalay, Negros Occidental

Sipalay City is one of the few places you should visit in Negros Occidental if you are looking for a beach. The place offers white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Brief History of Sipalay

Sugar Beach Sipalay

Sipalay – Hundreds of years ago “tumandoks” or the natives were the first settlers of the place. They were a Malay and Bornean roots. Sipalay is bounded by Hinobaan in the south, Cauayan in the north, and Candoni in the East. To its west is the Sulu Sea. The unspoiled beauty of Sipalay is a living testimony of its rich marine and natural resources. Several shipwrecks can be found in its pristine beaches including the S/S Panay during World War II. Forty two dive sites were Sipalaynons jewel and treasures.

Early inhabitants settled in the river banks. The Canman-og River (Sipalay River) in where the tumandoks built their houses in rows along the roads is the source of living at that time. Plaza and Church were also constructed. Although there was already a church in the community it could not become a town. During Spanish rule in order to become a town there must be a resident priest. The place doesn’t have a resident priest at that time. Instead, a priest from Iloilo came to visit once a year.

Under the leadership of Basilio Debuyan the established community was happy and prosperous. But they are not aware that this happiness is short-live. Debuyan became the first Cabeza under Capitan Mayor at Isio, about 52 kilometers to the north. Later on the Canman-og River (Naga River and recently Sipalay River) brought havoc and destruction through flood and inundation. The place was swallowed up little by little until the plaza and the church were also carried away by the flood. The villagers decided to abandon the dilapidated community and transfer the place to a flat terrain. The new village was across the river to the north. It was a forestland and Debuyan himself felled down the first Narra tree to start building new homes. The place testifies a happy and prosperous place that once lived. The place is now called Sipalay Diotay.

During the first half of the 19th century several towns were created. In 1813 Cauayan was established as a town. Sipalay was a full pledge barrio of the Municipality of Cauayan when the Americans arrived. It was the most biggest and progressive district in the community. During American regime Debuyan became the first Barrio Delegado. The villagers noticed that the officials do not have time for the construction of new roads going to Poblacion in Cauayan which is 54 kilometers away. They asked for the separation of Sipalay from its mother town. They perceive the following reasons why they should be separated: no roads connecting the barrio from Poblacion of Cauayan which is very hard for travelers, the danger and hardships of the villagers during travel on both places, and also the much delayed of mails due to no of access roads. Due to the separation of the barrio from Cauayan, a society, La Liga del Sur was formedin 19 20’s. Leaders of the society came from prominent families they were: Don Severo Alejano, Mariano Mueda, Sr., Maximo Selveron, Inocencio Debuyan, Sr., Amando Zaragoza, Basilio Debuyan, and Alfonso Custioso. Sipalay became the chief advocate for the southern district separation movement.

The term Sipalay came from the old native phrase “si paray” which means “there is rice,” in which rice is abundantly growing and freely traded. During that time many Chinese traders came here to trade rice. These Chinese traders could not pronounce the letter “R” in the word paray, believe to played a big role disseminating the term Sipalay which later on became the town’s name.

What to expect:

Silapay is perfectly a hideaway for nature lover, adventurer, beachcombers and divers. Bounded by Sulu Sea on the west, its crystal clear water is a tempting retreat. It hosts forty two dive sites and several shipwrecks including the sunken S/S Panay during World War II. Stalagmites and stalactites from numerous cave abound the coastal and upland areas of Sipalay, is an additional spice to its beauty. Beaches of Nauhang (Sugar Beach) and Punta Ballo are perfect place for eco-tour, adventure, and relaxing. A few minutes boat ride from the city proper is a marine protected area, Campomanes Bay, host the city eco-port and two shipwrecks. To make a worth visit, one must experience the Pasaway sa Sipalay Festival. This is celebrated every last week of March which is also the town’s charter anniversary.


Campomanes bay
Campomanes Bay Photo by: markstravelandadventure from flick

Philex Gold Mines – Located at Brgy. Nabulao, it is one of the special destinations ideal for industrial tour. A training center and condominium were some of its amenities. The area is 15 kilometers away from the national road.

Maricalum Mines – A two kilometers away from the highway. It has an open pit that looks like a big lagoon. It has a complete facility before like school, wet market, hospital and an airship until it was shutdown. The place is accessible all year round.

Tinagong Dagat – Tinagong dagat is a local term which means “hidden sea” which is surrounded by islets and green hills. Naturally formed corals were its main attraction. The place is accessible during dry season.

Campomanes Bay – The place is perfect for nature lover and adventure traveler. Several water sports can be done at Campomanes including artistic diving, easy diving, kayaking, snorkeling, jet skiing, boating and island hopping. The bay has an eco-port which can cater small to medium size sea craft. What makes Campomanes interesting is that shipwrecks are just around the bay. It is one of the favorite tourist attractions in the city.

Malinab Lagoon – A hectare wide freshwater lagoon. It is ideal for picnics, fishing and family bonding. Malinab Lagoon is located at Brgy. Mamboroto.

Mamara Cave – Another attraction in Brgy. Mamboroto which is 25 minutes’ drive from the city proper and another 10-15 minutes hike to reach the cave.

Matlag Cave – It was discovered in 1972 and during the road construction to Punta Ballo on 1992. The cave is not totally explored. Only 5% of it was reached by human due to the gaping hole in its entrance.

Canturay Mangrove Plantation

Sugar Beach Sipalay
Photo by:

Sugar Beach – A 20 minute boat ride is a long stretch sugary light brown sand beach. It was formerly called Langub Beach. Several resorts can be found along the stretch like Taka tuka Beach and Diving Resort, Bermuda Beach Resort, Driftwood Village Resort, Sulu Sunset Resort, and Langub Beach Resort.

Punta Ballo Beach – Blessed with white sand and crystal clear water, Puntal Ballo hosts first class diving resorts and several accommodations. Located at Brgy. IV which is a 3o minutes ride from the city proper. Punta Ballo is one of the frequently visited tourist attraction in Sipalay.


Pasaway sa Sipalay – Pasaway sa Sipalay is an annual celebration held every last week March. It showcases streetdancing and merry making as participants from seventeen barangays were clad in mardigras and exotic costumes in the semblance of copper minerals.

Handurawon Fetival – An annual fiesta celebration to commemorate the official declaration of Sipalay as a town in 1948. The festival is held every December 18-20.


note: The list below was taken from Negros Tourism

Artistic Diving and Beach Resort

Punta Ballo, Brgy. IV, Sipalay City

Contact Person/s: Arthur & Evalyn Mueller

Cell #: +63194095594

Landline #: (034) 453-27-10


E-mail Add: [email protected]

Total # of cottages: 16 (4 villas, 4 dive lodge, 6 deluxe rooms, and 2 family rooms)

Capacity: 55 pax

Easy Diving and Beach Resort

Punta Ballo, Brgy. IV, Sipalay City

Contact Person: Christian Reinwald

Cell #: +639189792804, +639104926622


E-mail Add: [email protected]

Total # of rooms: 22 (20 aircon, 2 non-aircon)

Capacity: 48 pax

Nataasan Beach Resort

Punta Ballo, Brgy. IV, Sipalay City

Contact Person/s: Lou & Joyce Simkins,John & Gisela Allertz

Cell #: +639216119107

Landline #: (034) 453-89-36


E-mail Add: [email protected]

Total # of rooms: 8

Capacity: 32 pax

Robinson @ Cruse Beach Resort
(Special Interest Resort)

Punta Ballo, Brgy. IV, Sipalay City

Contact Person/s: Jozsef and Elmie Lakatos

Cell #: +63208890139, +639203318508


E-mail Add: [email protected]

Total # of rooms: 8

Capacity: 25 pax

Takatuka Lodge and Dive Resort
(Special Interest Resort)

Sugar Beach, Brgy. Nauhang, Sipalay City

Contact Person’s: Evarose, Marc, Cathy, and Kalle Kalitta

Cell #: +639202309174, +639206792349


E-mail add: [email protected]

Total # of rooms: 9

Capacity: 25 pax

Bermuda Beach Resort
(Special Interest Resort)

Sugar Beach, Brgy. Nauhang, Sipalay City

Contact Person/s: Francis and Zenaida Buchwalder

Cell #: +639205292582, +639195913805


E-mail: [email protected]

Total # of rooms: 10

Capacity: 28 pax

Tawhay Beach Resort

Sugar Beach, Brgy. Nauhang, Sipalay City

Contact Person/s: Norma Hubscher/Eriberto Enriquez

Cell #: +639292976554

Total # of rooms: 8

Capacity: 45 pax

Driftwood Village Resort
(Special Interest Resort)
Sugar Beach, Brgy. Nauhang, Sipalay CityContact Person: Peter and Daisy GanzCell No. 09202529474Website:

Email Ad: [email protected]


Sugar Beach, Brgy. Nauhang, Sipalay City

Contact Person: Redemy Palic

Cell Phone #: 09185738952

Total # of Cottages: 17 cottages (8 aircon, 9 non-aircon)

Capacity: 66

Sulu Sunset

Sugar Beach, Brgy. Nauhang, Sipalay City

Contact Person/s: Jurgen Fahrner

Cell Phone #: +63 9197167182


Email: [email protected]

Total # of rooms: 9 (3 bungalows, 1 family room, 2 economy rooms, 3 standard rooms)

Capacity: 24 pax

Campomanes Beach Resort

Brgy. Mariclaum, Sipalay City

Contact Person: Linda Balag

Cell Phone #: + 63 9076432233

Total # of rooms: 12 rooms

Capacity: 69 pax

Aussie Inn

Brgy. 3, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

Contact Person: Jessan Palaraw

Cell Phone #: +63 9392001055

Landline: 034 473-0611

Total # of rooms: 11

Capacity: 22

Langub Pension

Brgy. 1, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

Contact Person: Redemy Palic

Cell Phone #: +63 9185738952

Email: [email protected]

Total # of rooms: 13 (6 aircon, 7 non-aircon)

Capacity: 32 pax

Manna Pension

Brgy. 1, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

Contact: Asunce Clarito/Elsie Villaflor

Cell Phone #: 09197754391

Total # of rooms: 13 (3 aircon, 10 non-aircon)

Capacity: 28 pax

Matlag Farm House

Brgy. IV, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

Contact Person: Anthony and Judith Nicolas

Cell Phone #: + 63 9208881200

Total # of rooms: 10 (4 aircon and 6 non-aircon)

Capacity: 20 pax

Sipalay Suites (DOT-Accredited)

Mercedez Blvd., Brgy. 1, Sipalay City

Contact Person: Mrs. Jane Montilla

Cell Phone #: + 63 9269248410

Telephone #: (034) 473-0350


Email Ad: [email protected]

Total # of rooms: 27 aircon rooms

Capacit 8y:2 pax

How To Get There:

Sipalay is almost four hours drive south of Bacolod by public utility vehicle and over three hours by private car.

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